When 3G starts rolling in full swing in India then we all will see a boom in Smartphone market. I spent most of the time chasing these facts and moreover I own both a 3G connection and a Smartphone.

Leading news paper – Times Of India has said that “You need to be very smart to pick a smart phone”, which I double like.

Being a proud owner of a smartphone and its mighty features I will try to give u all a head start when u actually go out there and buy (or seriously think of buying one, I have done this lot of times!!) a new smart phone.

I would devide this space into following 5 categories. 

1.Time :

   Everybody’s dilemma is when to buy a new phone.? And they always think that future is the right time to buy one. Well, It is quite true, except for the fact that your future will never arriver for you. Because u always look for better specs, which keep coming and u r a in a hell lot of confusion.

  So ‘Right now’ is the perfect time to buy one, forget about what’s coming next. Unfortunately this attitude takes a toll on you. Because countries like India, you won’t get phones in subsidiary prices (Like in US). U have to shell out like 30K INR for a smart phone. So it becomes necessary to wait a little than agony.
   One characteristic of a smart phone is that it is rich in Connectivity feature. Means, a good smart phone gives you a very good browsing experience, it has built in integrations with  social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Gives you on-air updates about anything, like, news etc etc. So to back all these features it is necessary to have a very good, affordable data plan – which unfortunately hardly exist in India.But good news is that major players have already shelled out in crores for 3G bidding, and hope that 3G rolls out sooner possible, because it so worth it, trust me. 
 Providers like BSNL/MTNL have already set up 3G networks in big cities in India, but coverage is either too weak or covers less ground. In my calculation, it might take another year or so for India to get a strong 3G cover. So, right now it is not a perfect time to do a little investment. (Yes, I contradict my own statement, but for your good). If u r of my type and u work/live in a City like I do, then go ahead and buy one.

  U have so many types of phone these days, – PDAs, Multimedia phones, Business phones, etc etc. So what makes a Smartphone different from all those.? Well, Smart phone does what other categories phones to collectively. So basically its all of them.  It can give you very good sound, it might have a 12MP camera with 512MB onboard RAM, it gives your corporate e-mail on the go, it lets you update your Facebook stuffs etc etc and not to forget GPS when u r lost . Smartphone is like world in your hand.
  Technically speaking, Smartphone is backed by a very good platform or you might say, an OS. Computer literals are very well aware of this term. But smartphone OS/platforms are compact and are less customizable. 
So, what are the platforms available as of now in the market.
iPhone OS by Apple – ‘The craziest thing in the world – for some people , an iPhone is more than sex..!!’ – is built upon Linux. Main feature of iPhone OS is that it runs only on iPhones.!! And hence its performance is superb on the hardware. It has an app market (App Store – Link) with 200,000 apps right now (that means u can install 200000 softwares on your iPhone). One of the biggest market in the world..!! Thanks to all iCrazy people. Except for – more paid apps, doesn’t play Flash content, Multitasking is still a pain in the ass, shit expensive pricing – iPhone is a very good device indeed.

Android by GoogleApple is already eaten half by Android. Google is always known for its innovations so is the Android, like any other Google apps Android has already got an overwhelming acceptance from large customer base. 

   Android is also built upon Linux – but its not exactly a Linux variant. It also extensively uses Java (but installing a Java app is a little hitch!!). The main feature of Android, unlike iPhone OS, its open source. Because of this feature thousand have found self employed. U can change even a MAC address(Obviously, if u know what it is, Link). And it has the second biggest app store called Android Market which has currently about 90,000 apps. Android is developer’s dream, u can literally build any app. It plays flash, has relatively very good browser compared to other phone browser. And above all it is free. SDK is out in the open.  Lot of  companies have been shipping phones with Android in them and with their own propitiatory customizations. (Like HTC Sense). The only drawback of Android is that it is laggy at times in different devices. Thats because, unlike iPhone OS, Android is built to satisfy different hardware specs. 

An Android phone is my personal choice.

Blackberry OS by Research In Motion – Balckberry is no. 1 selling smartphone in US. Blackberries have known for their feature set which is well suited for corporates. Like email, messaging, and security. Its performance is significant but when it comes to personal customizations and multimedia it scores a ‘low’ compared to other phones. It provides an app store as well. 

MeeGo by Nokia and Intel. A new platform by Intel and Nokia. Its just out in the market and there are very few phones who carry this platform. Nokia were heavily operating on their Symbian OS but had to switch to MeeGo due to the competition thrown by Android and iPhone and Windows.

Windows by Microsoft.  Well I dont have to talk much about this, as everyone is well aware of what Windows mean. The new Windows mobile 7 looks promising with good looking phones like MS Kin1 and Kin2

. Feature set is not so alien to a Windows OS user. It also provides an Appstore called Marketplace. But u will find more paid apps.

Bada by Samsung A very new player in the smartphone OS game. They have thrown a huge campaign for developers to boost their app store. Currently its carried by devices like samsung Wave S8500

Other platforms

3.Hardware Specs

The next obvious question is what should be the suitable hardware to run these sturdy, good looking feature rich OSs.

A good smartphone, things like Speed, Capacity to handle multimedia content, and broswing keeping in mind,   should have the follwings specs (Atleast)

  • 600MHz -1GHz processor
  • 512MB- 1GB RAM
  • 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth
  • 3.5″ – 4″ Capacitive Touch screen
  • 5-8 MP camera
  • GPS, Accelerometer for Orientation sensing

4.My Hi5
Following are my 5 Favorite devices

1. Google Nexus one (Specs) (review)

5. Palm Pre (Specs) (review)


      I hope u find this information is very usefull. Any comments/suggestions are very well appreciated.

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