Chrome with its Web Store

It is this moment that, I realize the striking difference between an IE and a Google chrome. I don’t (and I won’t ) miss those Menu bars or matter of fact I seem to have forgotten them !! (including those weird looking buttons under it). Common, If you are a serious Chrome user, Then I am reminding you of a horrible past, nuff Said..! (Still… File menu for a browser..?? Gross).

Anyway, this is a short post. I have had some wonderful browsing experience with chrome and its web store, where in, you can add extensions, add apps and even change the theme of the browser. So I scribble this post hoping that even you will have the same or even better experience to share.

I dont dare to give a better tutorial here, all you need is this.

Have a happy browsing, starting from this weekend….

Bye for now.

– Harsha S Aithal

Published by Harsha S Aithal

Android Geek, Tech consultant by profession, Photography is hobby

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