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twitter week – 2

Twitter continues to impress me. I have been busy (!) lately, with my work, which hasn’t stopped me going through time-line.

  1. Radhika shooting: Delhi’s shame, still no eyewitnesshttp://goo.gl/fb/yyoDK (video) (not only Delhi’s)
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in cotton fields |http://ti.me/hVH1k9 (via @TIMENewsFeed) (I wish)
  3. Beyond Oblivion cloud-based music service: you play, they pay (video) http://engt.co/hWNGz3
  4. Nah, she Glympse‘d me for tea! 😀 RT @S1monJones: wait, did you just tweet your wife to make you tea? 😀 (heights !!)
  5. Pakistan wants to buy more F-16 fighter jets http://goo.gl/fb/QwOxE (I wish, they feed their people with that money)
  6. So Mark Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account, but Chinese activists are banned if they don’t use legal names? |http://ti.me/eF0N6P
  7. Very nice article covering all aspects of the mass killing in Kashmir.http://bit.ly/g6iPUP (Egypt, Libiya now Kashmir..?? a tweet can certainly cause some damage)
  8. Apple patent application for ‘Dynamically Generated Ring Tones’ could make magical videos of your friends http://engt.co/ghQAnP (Apple is good at making small things big)
  9. Intel and Lenovo release the Classmate+ PC for the kidshttp://engt.co/eUJZrK (lappy for Kids)
  10. BMW’s i3 and i8 prototypes caught on camera in garish atirehttp://engt.co/hTS1WQ
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