Welcome to Android – How to Video’s

In recent times many of my friends have bought android phones and their reactions were as expected(awesome). Being a follower and have experienced Android for almost 3 years now, it’s my duty to welcome them into this community. And this blog aims towards getting more out of an android phone.

First things first, congrats Team India for their jubilant outcome in WC2011.


Video Credits: androiddevelopers via Youtube

Android is an operating system developed by Google for hand held devices. It is open-source, means anybody can download the SDKs and develop programs or apps and share the same with all other users. And this is the striking difference between Android and all other platforms.

There are two communities who make use of this feature. First among them are different hardware vendors (like HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG etc..). They acquire public licenses for android and start manufacturing phones which have Android, plus, compnay specific customizations (like HTC Sense from HTC, TouchWiz from Samsung, TimeScape from Sony Ericsson). So the performance of the phone is more because of the hardware and less because of the Android.

The other community are hobby developers, who either get a firmware(ROM) from an existing phone, modify and make it better and release it for the public use or use the available SDK to port it to some devices. This community is equally famous becuase most of the things you get here are for free. And they let you install any android firmware on your existing phone (it’s called, “flashing a ROM”). XDA is one community among them.

1. How to set up an android phone.

A Google account is mandatory to set up up an android phone (even though phone is usable without having a gmail account set up). This is an useful feature because, Android, using your Google account will do timely backups of your contacts, app you have installed on the phone and web history. So when you migrate or upgrade your phone to a new android phone, then those contents will be made available in you new phone, whithout you having to do a manual back up each time. The following video shows how to do that.


by doing so will also set up your gmail,  gtalk,  maps and market access automatically. And your phone is now ready to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages. In other words, phone is ready.

2. Setup Exchange Account

If you are working in modern times, then chances are that you have a Microsoft Exchange email account. Android does have a wonderfull client(push client) which lets you sync between exchange and your phone. But beware of your company policies for using them.


3. Setting wifi, wallpapers, ringtones etc

Changing wallpapers

Setting Ringtones

Setting up Wifi

4. Installing new apps.

Now there are two ways to install an app onto an android phone. An Android app(installable file) has .apk as extension. You can search for these files in internet and download them and install onto the device. Or Android has a market place called Android market where in you have loads of apps to choose, and which is a preferable method of installing apps onto an android phone. Installing directly from internet is not a prefered method as your device likely to a catch an adware or a virus.

Still, both the methods are shown bellow in the videos

From market


From internet

4. Other things you can do with an android phone.


to put in simplest of terms, Android is an younger brother of Linux (file system starts with “root”  “\” ). And hence you can do lot of things on android phone, like, changing the theme, changing the firmware, building your own firmware(ROM) etc etc. To do all these, one should have the “root” access in the phone. By default no one will have the root access(or superuser privileges), this is because, letting access to root means your putting your hands directly to the core of the phone. Slightest of change might cause grave danger to the phone and chances are that your phone will become barely usable and voids warranty if any and hence you have been warned.

Read more here

Installing a ROM onto an android phone

(following method is differs to phone by phone)


Install a custom theme

5. not enough..? visit XDA Forums or Theunlockr

All videos have been taken from different channels in Youtube. I claim no credits for those videos.

– Harsha Aithal

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