iOS or Android – Make your decision

I have been thriving to write this post from a very long time, but was made my self unreachable to the materials. So here you go.

Since the introduction of Android, its a common dilemma for people nowadays to decide between the two of the mightiest, an iPhone and an Android phone.  I am comparing things between an iPhone and Android in an unbiased state, and let you decide what you want, even though I am an ardent follower of the latter.

1. In General

There should be no doubt that its Apple and iPhone which started the craze for smart phones, when the world seemed to be was in the hand of Symbian. People still wait in the queue for 2 days to buy an iPhone on the day of release. And, why not ?  it will go out of stock within 2 or days from the launch day!!. So Apple definetely scores a big plus for starting this craze or I call it a new revolution in the poratble device industry. No wonder why people go crazy about it each time when there is new phone released.

Otherwise, like other Apple products, they were expensive and many people kept dreaming of buying one. in U.S it is a hit, courtesy carrier subsidized prices. But other parts of the world, like here in India it was seen only in the hands of celebrities or “foreign-returned” ! Now the trend in India, is that you wait for a new iPhone to release, so that those old models get a price reduce (about 100$)

Android, on the other hand entered the industry after that of iPhone and had very little success during the launch. But because of “multi-vendor” support, it has now threatening the likes of RIM or Apple for that matter. The big plus for Android has to be its flexibility of getting ported to low-end hardware, hence making it possible for a common man to have a smart phone experience.

No body scores a definitive “Yes” in this round but, I always have an utmost respect for people who start something Good. Who would have thought a few years ago that they will carry such a device ?

2. Usability

Its nothing new in both phones considering the set of feature they provide or types of apps they have. But the differentiating fact has always been the usability. iPhone is sturdy and liquid smooth on the other hand Android is muscled and flexible.

Because, Apple makes both software and hardware for its devices, they offer a very smooth user experience. You take an old iPhone and new non-iPhone phone then iPhone still beats the latter in UI.  Some call it closed aprroach, again who cares ??

Android on the other hand, is open to the core. Much of its success is shared by different vendors. Not all Android phones looks the same, and not all Android phones run at the same speed either. But Its flexibility what makes people like me go running behind it. The levels of customization you can do on an android phone are plenty.

Again, since it comes down to personal preferences, no clear winner in this round either

Few things to notice though…

  • iPhone has a huge App Store. No. of apps are still growing. People say AppStote has more quality apps than in Android’s Market. But it has more paid apps too.
  • iPhone’s Notification system is little irritating at times. It interrupts you when you receive message in the middle of your game or whatever you are doing. Android on the other hand, notifies you silently. It has something called Notification Bar, where you have all your message, mail, call notification. Its even better in the newest version of Android – Honeycomb (3.0)

  • As I said, UI has to go to iPhone for its smooth scrolling of web pages or menu pages. But it doesn’t support FLASH!. Android is not falling behind in other things than UI, but it supports FLASH very well.
  • Android on the other hand gets a huge bonus in terms of customizations. It provides users something called widgets – which are more than Icons, they are live, responsive and displays information without you having to open an app.( like this one below.) And for me this is a big turn-on

So in this round, If you like customization and widgets then Android is a winner and iPhone otherwise!!

3. For developers.

Android Market and Apple AppStore made big money for developers. Apple tend to have more control on what developers publish. on the other hand Android is very open when it comes to publishing. It has minimal set of requirements to meet.

When it comes to real development, Apple follows more closed approach where as Android is open source to the core.  Except for root access, developers can get hold of anything in Android.

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If you are a geek and love to own your device then Android is the one for you. But if you enjoy what you are told to do then iPhone continues to amaze you

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Android Geek, Tech consultant by profession, Photography is hobby

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