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April 4, 2011 2 comments

In recent times many of my friends have bought android phones and their reactions were as expected(awesome). Being a follower and have experienced Android for almost 3 years now, it’s my duty to welcome them into this community. And this blog aims towards getting more out of an android phone.

First things first, congrats Team India for their jubilant outcome in WC2011.


Video Credits: androiddevelopers via Youtube

Android is an operating system developed by Google for hand held devices. It is open-source, means anybody can download the SDKs and develop programs or apps and share the same with all other users. And this is the striking difference between Android and all other platforms.

There are two communities who make use of this feature. First among them are different hardware vendors (like HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG etc..). They acquire public licenses for android and start manufacturing phones which have Android, plus, compnay specific customizations (like HTC Sense from HTC, TouchWiz from Samsung, TimeScape from Sony Ericsson). So the performance of the phone is more because of the hardware and less because of the Android.

The other community are hobby developers, who either get a firmware(ROM) from an existing phone, modify and make it better and release it for the public use or use the available SDK to port it to some devices. This community is equally famous becuase most of the things you get here are for free. And they let you install any android firmware on your existing phone (it’s called, “flashing a ROM”). XDA is one community among them.

1. How to set up an android phone.

A Google account is mandatory to set up up an android phone (even though phone is usable without having a gmail account set up). This is an useful feature because, Android, using your Google account will do timely backups of your contacts, app you have installed on the phone and web history. So when you migrate or upgrade your phone to a new android phone, then those contents will be made available in you new phone, whithout you having to do a manual back up each time. The following video shows how to do that.


by doing so will also set up your gmail,  gtalk,  maps and market access automatically. And your phone is now ready to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages. In other words, phone is ready.

2. Setup Exchange Account

If you are working in modern times, then chances are that you have a Microsoft Exchange email account. Android does have a wonderfull client(push client) which lets you sync between exchange and your phone. But beware of your company policies for using them.


3. Setting wifi, wallpapers, ringtones etc

Changing wallpapers

Setting Ringtones

Setting up Wifi

4. Installing new apps.

Now there are two ways to install an app onto an android phone. An Android app(installable file) has .apk as extension. You can search for these files in internet and download them and install onto the device. Or Android has a market place called Android market where in you have loads of apps to choose, and which is a preferable method of installing apps onto an android phone. Installing directly from internet is not a prefered method as your device likely to a catch an adware or a virus.

Still, both the methods are shown bellow in the videos

From market


From internet

4. Other things you can do with an android phone.


to put in simplest of terms, Android is an younger brother of Linux (file system starts with “root”  “\” ). And hence you can do lot of things on android phone, like, changing the theme, changing the firmware, building your own firmware(ROM) etc etc. To do all these, one should have the “root” access in the phone. By default no one will have the root access(or superuser privileges), this is because, letting access to root means your putting your hands directly to the core of the phone. Slightest of change might cause grave danger to the phone and chances are that your phone will become barely usable and voids warranty if any and hence you have been warned.

Read more here

Installing a ROM onto an android phone

(following method is differs to phone by phone)


Install a custom theme

5. not enough..? visit XDA Forums or Theunlockr

All videos have been taken from different channels in Youtube. I claim no credits for those videos.

– Harsha Aithal
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twitter week – 2

Twitter continues to impress me. I have been busy (!) lately, with my work, which hasn’t stopped me going through time-line.

  1. Radhika shooting: Delhi’s shame, still no eyewitnesshttp://goo.gl/fb/yyoDK (video) (not only Delhi’s)
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in cotton fields |http://ti.me/hVH1k9 (via @TIMENewsFeed) (I wish)
  3. Beyond Oblivion cloud-based music service: you play, they pay (video) http://engt.co/hWNGz3
  4. Nah, she Glympse‘d me for tea! 😀 RT @S1monJones: wait, did you just tweet your wife to make you tea? 😀 (heights !!)
  5. Pakistan wants to buy more F-16 fighter jets http://goo.gl/fb/QwOxE (I wish, they feed their people with that money)
  6. So Mark Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account, but Chinese activists are banned if they don’t use legal names? |http://ti.me/eF0N6P
  7. Very nice article covering all aspects of the mass killing in Kashmir.http://bit.ly/g6iPUP (Egypt, Libiya now Kashmir..?? a tweet can certainly cause some damage)
  8. Apple patent application for ‘Dynamically Generated Ring Tones’ could make magical videos of your friends http://engt.co/ghQAnP (Apple is good at making small things big)
  9. Intel and Lenovo release the Classmate+ PC for the kidshttp://engt.co/eUJZrK (lappy for Kids)
  10. BMW’s i3 and i8 prototypes caught on camera in garish atirehttp://engt.co/hTS1WQ
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Chrome with its Web Store

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

It is this moment that, I realize the striking difference between an IE and a Google chrome. I don’t (and I won’t ) miss those Menu bars or matter of fact I seem to have forgotten them !! (including those weird looking buttons under it). Common, If you are a serious Chrome user, Then I am reminding you of a horrible past, nuff Said..! (Still… File menu for a browser..?? Gross).

Anyway, this is a short post. I have had some wonderful browsing experience with chrome and its web store, where in, you can add extensions, add apps and even change the theme of the browser. So I scribble this post hoping that even you will have the same or even better experience to share.

I dont dare to give a better tutorial here, all you need is this.

Have a happy browsing, starting from this weekend….

Bye for now.

– Harsha S Aithal

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twitter Week – 1

February 10, 2011 2 comments

As you all aware of, the twitter is a hot and happening place. U can reach to some information so quickly that I am using Google lesser these days. Your Mantra should be – Follow those you like, and get what you want. Here is the first episode of that saga..

  1. Does porn ruin men for sex in real life? http://ti.me/gmt5EG (via @TIMEHealthland)
  2. Apple Is Lining Up For A “Surprise” This Fall? Is it likely An “iPad 3″?http://t.co/7cwZX9d via @techcrunch (iPad 3 nah..!)
  3. anl article abt sreesanth http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/cricketnews/Sreesanth-the-free-spirit/Article1-660574.aspx
  4. Pakistan test-fires missile with nuclear capabilityhttp://goo.gl/fb/ffk7s (ALARM!!! ALARM!!!)
  5. Researchers aim to replace copper with aluminum as a conductor in auto power systems http://engt.co/i6geuW
  6. Does Obama Dye His Hair? Michelle Answers http://goo.gl/fb/6LSn8
  7. Small comparision on major four players in Tablet markethttp://t.co/ns6mozM via @engadget
  8. this one is my favourite tweet of the week @gulpanag Finally, an end on Rajnikanth. Once Rajni bowled a ball to Sachin Tendulkar….That’s the day Rajni understood his limits 😉
  9. Bloomberg: Nokia definitely in talks with Microsoft, partnership likelyhttp://engt.co/idDupq ?? Duhh.. what.. I thought they are going with Android
  10. Jon4Lakers Jon Rettinger: On the plane home, waiting to take off. Guy next to me is using a capitative stylus on his iPad – He mus be a jerk Jon..!
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Career IT – The entry points

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

To start with, the title of this post sounds weird because google tells me that the meaning of the word career is  "the particular occupation for which you are trained" and when you are trained; you have made your choice !.

Apart from this weirdness, Often, I have heard people getting involved in discussions regarding the career they have to choose,  something which makes me feel sick because “my career, why discussion?“, and I am the best person on this whole earth to decide  a career for my self, and It’s cruel to force your opinion on someone else. Having said that, with a few sources, I am trying to give inputs, which just might help somebody to choose their career in IT.  And I know, that I have taken a serious and prone to discussion topic this time around.

I have listed out the following career entry points where people often start(or want to start) their IT Career. I called it entry points, because when your are climbing up in your career ladder there are lot of other choices open up for you and I am least bothered about them as of now.

1. Developer/Development

Now, who doesn’t know about development ? Everybody fancies developing something. And Everybody wants to get rid of it at the same time.  This is by far the most admired career choice among just-out-of-college-folks or freshmen ( Why..? ). And current education system (in India at least) seems to be complementing the fact.

I would not get in to discussions regarding it’s future or if it’s a good choice or not, but, someone should understand that developing something from the scratch incurs huge cost on the developer. And at the end nothing is guaranteed or at least with in the given time frame.  So for the same reasons companies do not appreciate a development project that much. And developing means you are creating something new, so how many new things you can think of as now to develop ?

On the other hand, don’t development/developer exist anymore ? The answer is – Yes, they exist and they are doing very well indeed.  There were no iPhones just 7 to 8 years back, and now its the biggest development plat form in the world. So, the question one should ask is about the areas of development. How many word processing softwares exist now.? not even 10..! It doesn’t mean that you have to develop one, or, people want one more WP for that matter. So what are the things to look for then ? Well I have listed out a few.

  1. Mobile Application development (iOS, Android, Symbian etc)
  2. Web Application Development (JS, HTML5, .Net etc )
  3. Open Source Projects  (Unix, Browsers APIs, Netbook OS etc)

2. Services/Consulting

Well, Who knows this industry better than we Indians ? (Apart from being cheap labor, We have something special to do so well. I wonder.!) The driving force of  “The IT boom” in India.

Services Industry is usually driven by standards (ITIL, ISO etc). A project usually has 3 phases, pre implementation – setting up customer’s expectations, implementation,  and post implementation – sign off and maintenance. In each of these phases negotiation skills take bigger role. And its the most challenging among all.

Each company has its own set of proprietary tools to offer to the client. When you enter into such industry, initially, you will get trained to one of those tools and, when you become an ‘expert’ of that domain/tool/process you will go on and start serving your customer. So what I ultimately want to say here is once you gain experience and you grow bigger, role often changes and you will be given other ‘managing tasks’ such as Solution Architects/Bid desk champion etc etc.


3. Testing/Quality Management

This industry is most rigid among all. More than a process, it’s success depends upon the analytical skills of the people involved. To put in simple words, It’s a job of breaking something which, according to people who have built it, is a solid system.

So the skill set required revolves around the knowledge, analytical skills and a lot of patience (because, people involved in testing a product are often different from people who developed it). At the end of the day even you are trying to build a better product by removing all sorts of bad things from it and this is important because people often tend avoid testing jobs (there could be other reasons too). So next time around if some one offers you a testing job, Just take it.

4.  Support/Maintenance

This one is least preferred among all, just like testing, its often criticized for not being challenging enough (!!!).  And people often mistake a support work to that of BPO. BPO is just a front end of the support. Support might run into 3 to 4 levels down and at the highest level, a skill set of person matches to that of a developer. And like testing people involved in supporting a product are often different from people who developed it. It’s not a bad place to be in for sure, but, work tend to get routinized in long projects, due to the fact that it involves  lot of customer interactions, work timings could be a reason for not liking the job.


So some quotes to end the post with.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career. “

Carlton Fisk
“The word career is a divisive word. It’s a word that divides the normal life from business or professional life.”
Grace Paley

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

– Arnold Toynbee

– Harsha S Aithal

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Android’s 5

February 1, 2011 4 comments

I have been wandering in the Android planet for quite a long time. Used or have had hands-on with many apps in the Android galore. Finally settling down to few apps which are either useful for me or must haves. And I am listing down the Top 5 in both the categories with few tips .!

Must Haves

Must haves are those without which daily life with an android phone seem to be impossible for me

1. Facebook

If you have a Facebook account and an Android phone then this the “must have app”. There are lot of good twitter apps in the market But when it comes to Facebook this is by far the best Facebook android app available in the android market till date. I have used a lot of Facebook apps but none comparable to this one. It has the perfect balance in UI and Functionality.
Main Features
  • Push Notifications
  • Chat Integrated
  • Location Services (not available in India)
  • Photo Upload with status update
  • Sync FB contacts with Phone







  • Keep the refresh interval High to avoid Battery Drain.

2. Astro File Manager

Most android phones lack a decent File Manager in the package (out of the box). There are tons of File manager in the android market. File manager is an essential part when it comes to Move/Copy/Rename files between folders. And They are also loaded with tons of other features like process monitoring task killers etc. One thing to look for in a File Manager is to check whether it can send files via Bluetooth or not. Almost all of them claim to do so but sometimes the experience is not good enough.






3.Android task killer

Due to the no. of apps we use, Task Killers have become an integral part of the android phones. Till Android 2.1 (Eclair) The memory management of Android OS was in the back seat. People tend to use Task killers to close (rather Abruptly Kill) any opened applications to gain memory and battery. Even in Android 2.2(in which they claim to have a better memory management in place) or later versions it is suggestible to use a task killer to avoid any application that is running in the back ground. Most of the task killers provide a widget, and it can be used to close all aps without opening the actual task killer app. But It is often being criticized for draining the phone’s battery.


Advance Task Killer

Advance Task Killer

Advance Task Killer

Advance Task Killer


  • Avoid Auto start and Notification. Instead have a widget on the home screen

4.  Screenshot it

Worth paying 4$ s if you are upto frequently showing off your phone. Very light, feature rich app which lets you take the screen shots of your phone.

Main Features

  • Take screen shots based on Interval
  • Widget
  • Shake to screen shot


Screenshot It

Screenshot It

Screenshot It

Screenshot It

5. Twitter/Plume

Most of the phones do come with a Twitter client. Like HTC’s peep. But, twitter and Plume are by far the best twitter clients I have ever used. Between, I prefer Plume for its extra set of features, like, an integrated browser, retweet with a “RT”, allows you to write more than 140 characters (in paid version) etc etc. Both of them are little resource heavy, consume a lot of battery and memory (due to a frequent background syncing).









Read more…

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Live a Tech life :-)

September 8, 2010 1 comment
I was recently watching Apple’s press conference when they released their bunch of new products. Among them, one product caught my attention and that was Apple Tv. Soon my tech greedy mind became full busy thinking of buying one. But the problem with these new technologies is that they don’t work in isolation. Then I started thinking about setting up a tech life keeping in mind, the cost, and ended up drafting a plan, which, I think is great (!) and affordable too at the same time. Its amazing.. (As Steve Job of Apple says) and I m happy to share with you all.

So not wasting any time of yours, lets see the plan. First I have made a list of gadgets with their price and intension of owning them, and then comes the plan as to how to get them together.


My Choice
What does it do?
I don’t have one in Mind
U know it
Around 35Ks
An Android mobile phone
HTC Wildfire
A Cell phone for connectivity
Apple Tv
Stream movies, videos, TV shows from Internet
A Good music player
iPod Touch/iPod nano
A Music player
7000 – 10000
Wireless Enabled Broadband (4Mbps recommended)
Airtel offers variety of plans
An Internet connection
1500 per month
A decent Laptop/ desktop
One from HP..!!
A pc or a mac
35 K
A laser Printer
Again one from HP


Grand total                                                                                                       – 1,36,000 – 1,40,000

Now the numbers alone might scare you, if you plan like I do then money is not a problem (I seriously consider doing this as an one time investment when I set up a new home, i mean cost of new home + cost of u r tech life, !!).

Now lets get in to the plan.


  • First thing we need to setup is an Internet connection, as its a base of our plan. It is really necessary to have it wireless just because we can use the same connection among other devices too.
  • Once the Internet is in place, we connect our PC, cell phones etc for our online life.
  • Best of this plan comes now. Connect Apple TV to your HD TV and stream new movies, TV shows, Online videos etc directly on your TV without having to store them 🙂 and hence a happy family!. Connect the same Apple TV to your PC and stream everything else on your HDTV..!! Wonderful isn’t it?
  • We have included an iPod touch in your plan as a music player. But It can do much more than a music player. U can download n read e-books and stream them on TV!! Hell yeah.. Thats fantastic. And do stuffs like video calls etc etc. And If we have a decent printer in place then we can print anything from any device if it lets you to print one..!!
Well I m kind of chilled already with this plan, there more things we can add. Like a game console (If u have kids!!). But the only problem with this tech life is that, everything gets old pretty soon. So to avoid regretting later, always go for easily upgradeable options.

One day soon the Gillette company will announce the development of a razor that, thanks to a computer microchip, can actually travel ahead in time and shave beard hairs that don’t even exist yet
Dave Barry quotes (American Writer and Humorist best known for his weekly newspaper column. b.1947)

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.
Stewart Brand quotes

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