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Apps you should have in your Android phone yesterday !

Android Market

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Instead of saying “must have apps”, I exaggerated it a little as my loyalty continues to Android, even though iPhone finally copies Notification Center from Android.

This time I have compiled a list of apps which keeps you busy for this weekend and next. Best part is all of them are free!!!

If you have set up an account in then by accessing links given bellow will directly take you to that app in Android market (web) and then you can install it to your phone directly. Thats because I am a nice guy.

1. News apps

2.  Communication Apps

3.  Personalization Apps

4.  Music and Audio

5.  Widgets (apart from what apps provide)

6.  Utilities

7. If you are rooted (only)

No I haven’t copied these from “Top free List”, I have actually used them

-Harsha S Aithal